Even the most careful Audi A4 drivers will see a light illuminating on the dashboard every once in a while, but what does it mean? To help our friends in the Parker, Castle Rock, and Denver, CO, area, to better understand the dashboard lights they may see, we at Audi Denver have created this Audi A4 dashboard light guide.

Ready to learn more about the Audi A4 dashboard lights? Keep reading!

Good to Go: Green Audi A4 Dashboard Lights

Some of the lights found on your dashboard will illuminate green. These types of lights typically are there to let you know that a feature of your Audi A4 is enabled.

One of the green dashboard lights you'll see on your A4 is the cruise control system. Appearing as CRUISE on your dash, this light lets you know that you've enabled cruise control. Once disabled, this light will turn off.

Another light you may see if your Audi is equipped is the traffic jam assist light. When you see these three cars lined up behind one another on your dash, you'll know that the traffic jam assist feature is working to keep you on track while in traffic.

Yellow Audi A4 Dashboard Lights

Similar to a traffic light, the yellow dashboard lights you may see let you know that your Audi needs attention to a certain feature sooner rather than later. Some of the common yellow indicator lights include low fuel, tire pressure, and engine oil warnings.

Some of the other yellow Audi A4 dashboard lights may appear when a potential safety hazard is detected.  Take the rear cross-traffic assist feature, for example. When you see what appears to be an overhead view of a car with stars to the bottom sides, this lets you know a potential hazard has been detected to the sides when reversing.

Ready, Set, Stop: Red Audi A4 Dashboard Lights

Seeing a red light on your dashboard typically means the attention of an Audi service expert is immediately required. For example, you may see a red exclamation mark inside a circle-this light lets you know that a malfunction has been detected with your transmission.

If you see this light, stop driving as soon as it's possible to pull over safely and turn off your vehicle. You'll need to have a mechanic take a look at your vehicle as soon as possible.

Learn More About Audi A4 Dashboard Lights

Whether you see a light on your dashboard to let you know a feature is enabled or to alert you of a detected malfunction, understanding the lights for your Audi A4 is important. When driving around Parker, Castle Rock, and Denver, Colorado, you don't want to be unsure about a light appearing on your dash.

To learn more about these lights, what they mean, or to have your vehicle serviced because of a dashboard light, visit us at Audi Denver today! We're here to help with whatever Audi service needs you require.

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