The 9 Biggest Moments of Audi in 2017

2017 was quite the year for Audi. From redesigns and new releases of models, to the first automated car permitted on public roads, Audi has set the standard for car performance and luxury driving. While 2018 is shaping up to be a bigger and better year, let’s take a look back at some of the most notable mentions of 2017.

Big News


It’s the first production automobile to permit automated driving on public roads. The car - and technology - is unlike any other. Featuring the new MMI technology, Virtual Cockpit and Audi Connect, the new Audi A8 is the first production automobile to have been developed specially for highly automated driving and can be activated using the new AI button on the centre console. 

Three screens cover the dashboard: the instrument (speed, gas, etc.) in front of  the driver, the MMI touch, and the other is climate control and writing pad. Another addition is the striking amount of sensors -long-range radar, four mid-range radars, 360-degree cameras, up to 12 ultrasound cameras and, for the first time in a production car, LIDAR - sensors that bounce laser beams off nearby objects to create a 3D map of the surrounding area. This is used in automated cars when self-driving.

Another new feature is the "crossing assist," which brakes automatically if a vehicle passes dangerously in front. The tech also allows you to use the detachable "Audi Tablet" to self-park - using the new myAudi app - in tight spaces, and it can do automatic parallel parking when you're inside the vehicle. The tablet autonomously steers the A8 into and out of a parking space or a garage, while the maneuver is monitored by the driver. To monitor the parking from the app, they hold the Audi AI button pressed to watch a live display from the car’s 360-degree cameras on their device.

The Audi AI traffic jam pilot also autonomously drives in slow-moving traffic at up to 37.3 mph on roads where a physical barrier separates the two sides. The system is activated by a button on the center console, and it can take over acceleration, braking, steering, and starting from a dead-stop, all without the driver paying attention. However, the system is subject to the laws of whichever jurisdiction you’re driving through.


The next generation of the S5 coupe came to the US with four doors, more cargo room, the MMI and Virtual Cockpit technology and can go from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. Plus, Audi Denver has exclusive styles, colors and options for you to choose from.


The newest design center to the Audi family is located in Ingolstadt, Germany. The four-story building joins the other two design centers (one in L.A. and the other in China). It offers large, open plan, and workspaces coupled with the latest computer aided design tools and clay model machining stations. Super computers and ultra-high resolution screens allow designers to render iterations of future model concepts much faster than was previously possible. 

Car Redesigns 


The A4 Allroad brought wagons back in style. Featuring more cargo room, standard all-wheel drive and an increased ride height, the Allroad is a five-seat luxury wagon that will take you to new height.  Heated front seats are now standard, as well as leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 


The newly redesigned Q5 brought new technology and better driving performance. In specific driving conditions, it can proactively switch from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive before it’s needed thanks to the quattro all-wheel drive with ultra technology.

The 2018 A5 comes equipped with LED headlights, daytime running lights and bold LED tail lights, as well as along the interior offering up to 30 different color settings. The new A5’s lightweight construction is also worth noting. It’s multi-material construction gives the A5 its lower body weight, creating better driving dynamics. Add to that a stiffer, lighter chassis and you have one lean, powerful ride. 


The new Audi Q8 concept uses production technologies for the drive system and suspension. This plug-in hybrid combines both sporty performance with high efficiency.  When driving, the hybrid management system controls the operating states of the Audi Q8. The full size SUV can boost, coast and recuperate as appropriate for the situation. Predictive efficiency assist, which supports the driver, provides the hybrid management system with highly detailed information about the near surroundings.


The redesigned A7 is all about the driver.“The A7 is about sportiness and progressiveness,” says Audi design chief Marc Lichte in an interview with Forbes. “We brought the shoulders down, the wheels are huge, and the overhangs are shorter. My favorite angle is the boat tail rear. It will look dominant on the street.” Production for the new and redesigned A7 will start in 2018.

New Technology


The Audi MMI operating system allows you to instinctively manage an array of systems including navigation, entertainment, interior, even ride dynamics on models with Audi drive select. This larger seven-inch screen is paired with a 12.3-inch display – that Audi calls a Virtual Cockpit – ahead of the driver that replaces old-fashioned dials. MMI is the user interface and the controller that works with it. Where this was once a dial and a display, there are also touch-pads, touch-enabled dials, buttons, voice and steering wheel controls, all feeding into the same system.

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