Audi Denver and Wish for Wheels Raised $20,000 for Denver Youth at Annual Gala


The second annual Wish for Wheels gala, in partnership with Audi Denver, took place this past Friday, November 10 here at Audi Denver. Wish for Wheels partners with Audi Denver to build bikes at our Wish for Wheels Bike Building event. A minimum of 25 bikes are made and then donated to elementary school students.
The gala offers a chance for the supporters to come together for one night, fund some bikes for students and enjoy building them together. Last year, the gala took place at The Commons on Champa in Downtown Denver. Over 130 people attended and this year that attendance grew to 155 people. 
“Our hopes with each year are to not only get more people to purchase tickets to the gala, but also we want to fund more and more bikes to be able to serve a greater number of children in need,” said Peri Mueller Operations Administrator, Wish for Wheels. 
Tickets to the gala included a bike and helmet for a kid in need. The bikes built at the gala will be going to Alice Terry Elementary. “We will be giving bikes to all the second grade students,” said Mueller. “We worked closely with the second grade teacher to plan this, and he was even able to attend the gala!”  
Wish for Wheels and Audi Denver estimated a total $10,000 fundraised at the 2016 Build/Give Gala. This year, that estimate is $20,000 and counting. 

Each year we hope to continue to make the event bigger and better than ever! 




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