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They say all good things must come to an end and we here at Audi Denver have never related more to that than when the news broke that the Audi TT series would be no longer. At Audi's annual shareholder meeting in Germany, held on May 23, Audi chairman Bram Schot gave a rundown of the future of Audi, and sadly, the future did not include the TT. Instead, the TT would be replaced by the future that all cars are headed: electric.

"Reality shows that we as a company have been involved in too many projects for several years," Schot said. "Focusing also includes leaving things out. The Audi TT, for example... In a few years, we will replace the TT with a new emotive model in the same price range: with an electric car.”

Ultimately, the sales in sports cars have declined and Audi, like many other car companies, have to focus on electric-car development. But we believe that when a good thing comes to an end, we celebrate it. So we reflect on the life of the TT series and some of our favorite moments.

The TT History

Audi first launched the TT in 1998, with the concept of the car born in 1995. For a long time, the TT gained recognition as a more affordable alternative to BMW and Mercedes. Over its life, the TT had a number of engines and even a limited edition Quattro Sport model, which featured rock hard suspension and 237bhp. Still, the TT arguably set the stage for the Audi’s success we’ve come to know today. The TT’s breakout design separated Audi from its competitors. The TT also paved the way for baseball-stitched seats using thick leather fibers to bind the panels together.

The TT Models

If the TT proved anything, it was that not all models are built the same.

Audi TT (the son of the R8): This Audi TT bears a resemblance to the Audi R8. And even if you’re not the most observant person in the world, this gallery will show you why the TT is the #SonOfR8.

Audi TT RS: The Audi TT RS packs a big punch. Just ask Winding Road Magazine: “this is a car that should throw a scare in every Porsche Cayman variant, low-end 911s, BMW M products, Chevrolet Corvettes of every flavor … you get the picture.” 

Audi TT Clubsport: 600 horsepower. 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. An electronically spooled turbocharger, which neutralizes any hint of power lag. The #AudiTT Clubsport is a powerful as it looks.

Favorite Moments

Movie Star: Audi TTS played a starring role in the Avengers Age of Ultron movie (2015) “Playing a starring role in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the all-new Audi TTS provides the kind of performance and advanced technology a Super Hero needs to save the day.” And we think it stole the show.

TT-S to be official car of the Tourist Trophy Races: The Tourist Trophy race is one of the world’s oldest races. Located on the Isle of Man, a 32-mile long island in the Irish Sea, the race dates back to 1905. And the Audi TT-S became the first car to share the same name as the race, thus making it the “Official Car” of the event. 

There are truly no fans like the Audi Fans. Audi TT RS official came to America in 2011. How did it finally come? A Facebook petition of more than 11,500 signatures proving there are truly no fans like Audi fans. 

So long TT, you will always be remembered. 

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